ABM Playbook

DashDot [April 2023]

Spring is here and the seeds of ABM are sprouting in more and more B2B organizations.

We kick off this month’s DashDot with a look at Customer Marketing. So much effort is placed on winning new logos but customers are often (and wrongly) neglected. Jared Brickman returns with some great insight.

Continuing the theme of Customer Marketing, we talk to Keith Pranghofer of Microsoft on how ABM can help you become customer obsessed. 

Who doesn't like some good numbers? We've pulled together 23 statistics to support the business case for ABM.

Finally, we speak to Alex Embling, the CEO of strategicabm about the future of Account-based Marketing. 

Click to read DashDot: A monthly dose of Account-based Everything [April 2023]


Technology doesn’t solve strategic issues. It only scales bad decisions.

Alex Embling


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