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DashDot [January 2023]

A new year and a new edition of DashDot!

We kick off 2023 with a fantastic ABM case study. How BlueBotics, a global leader in autonomous navigation technology, built a $4.5m sales pipeline with an Account-based strategy.

Community is a major theme for 2023. We talk to Corrina Owens, Senior ABM Manager at Gong. Corrina shares eight ways you can build a community with ABM

What do you need to be successful with your Account-based Marketing strategy in 2023? We asked 12 ABM thought leaders for their top ABM tip.

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If you truly want to tailor your content, tailor your messaging – you need to get under the skin of your customer.

Gabrielle Pirzad

Head of Global ABM Strategy
Cloud Software Group

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