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DashDot [July / August 2023]

The summer special of DashDot is out! What's inside?

Artificial Intelligence is grabbing all the headlines and changing how we think and work. We’ve asked nine ABM practitioners for an insight into how they are using Artificial Intelligence tools in their Account-based strategy

Episode two of the ABM under the Hood podcast takes a look at the Top 10 ABM Challenges. Jack and Josh share their thoughts and provide solutions. 

Ready for some ABM magic? Laura Matthews, Director of Global ABM, EMEA at UiPath shares how she is building an ABM strategy that makes their customers feel magical

To finish off with we've got two fantastic ABM insights from Taylor Young of Terminus and Phillip Angerhofer of ON24


Click to read DashDot: A monthly dose of Account-based Everything [July / August 2023]


ABM is about extreme attention to detail and personalization. I would say it's really going above and beyond the level of personalization.

Laura Matthews

Director of Global ABM, EMEA



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