ABM Playbook

DashDot [May/June 2024]

12 ABM thought leaders share what the hardest part of ABM is.

Agency CMO, Declan Mulkeen, shares what it takes to be a great ABMer with his Anatomy of an ABMer.  

This month's ABM Hero is Ofer Yatziv-Green, Marketing Manager at GlobalSign. We take a deep diver into his ABM program and learn what is behind its success. 

And to wrap up, we hear from ABM extraordinaire, Rhiannon Blackwell, who shares what's under the hood of the PwC ABM program. 


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ABM is not a campaign. It's a mindset. If you don't have that mindset from the leadership standpoint, it's impossible to orchestrate teams together so they move in lockstep .  


Trinity Nguyen

VP of Marketing


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