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DashDot May June 2024

12 ABM thought leaders share what the hardest part of ABM is. Agency CMO, Declan Mulkeen, shares what it takes to be a great ABMer with his Anatomy of an ABMer.  This month's ABM Hero is Ofer Yatziv-Green, Marketing Manager at GlobalSign. We take a deep diver into his ABM program and learn what is behind its success. 

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Ready to up your ABM game?

You're in luck Let's take a peek inside this month's DashDot: We kick off with a deep dive into all things Creative - the magic of any ABM strategy.
We then hear from 10 ABM thoughts leaders on what to make sure you have front and center when launching an Account-based Strategy.


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We're kicking off 2024 with an ABM bang!
How's this for a lineup - Let's start with another ABM Heroes feature with Andrew Reed of AVEVA. We've then got 12 ABM experts sharing their predictions for ABM in 2024. And what about another ABM foundations deep dive - this time into Account Activation?
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What's inside our Christmas DashDot special? Let's start with an amazing ABM Heroes story with Matt Wade of BlueBotics. And for the Christmas season, what about an ABM Christmas Carol? And finally, a roundup of some of the best ABM articles of 2023.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and an ABM Happy New Year! 


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We're coming to the end of 2023 but there's no slowing down in the world of ABM! 

What's in the November issue of DashDot? Let's start with another ABM Heroes feature with Jo Robson of Acxiom. And what about another ABM foundations deep dive – this time into how to select the right accounts? Finally, we're looking under the hood of ABM at how to set objectives.


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Ready for your monthly dose of Account-based Everything?

We all love a hero. Meet Terry Osborne, Marketing Director of GoodShape, who shares her ABM strategy and results. We take a look at how to apply AI to your ABM thinking, and we shine a light on how to build a winning ABM Value Proposition.

DashDot Website Tiles - September 2023

September is here and what an issue we have for you!

We hear from Alice Clarke and Jo Olney of Google Cloud on how ABM is the power behind their most important client relationships.

Episode 3 of ABM under the Hood looks at Sales & Marketing alignment.

And, Heather Adams of Socure shares how ABM can help you go treasure hunting

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The summer special of DashDot is out! What's inside?

We’ve asked nine ABM practitioners for an insight into how they are using Artificial Intelligence tools in their Account-based strategy. 

Episode two of the ABM under the Hood podcast takes a look at the Top 10 ABM Challenges. Jack and Josh share their thoughts and provide solutions. 

Ready for some ABM magic? Laura Matthews, Director of Global ABM, EMEA at UiPath shares how she is building an ABM strategy that makes their customers feel magical

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Our personal and professional relationships are built on trust, but how is that trust obtained? We take a look in this month's edition at the role of trust in B2B Marketing and ABM.

Our latest podcast, ABM under the Hood, is soon to launch. Here, we give you a sneak preview of episode one.

We also take a look at one of the hardest parts of ABM - getting buy-in from leadership. How do you make sure your strategy is fully aligned with what your organization wants to achieve?

DashDot Website Tiles – May 2023

Now this is a special edition - and we hope you agree! 

We're all familiar now with ABM - but what about CLM - Customer Lifecycle Marketing? Agency CMO, Declan Mulkeen, explains how it is the perfect partner to Account-based Marketing. 

We're very excited to announce the launch of a new podcast - ABM under the Hood.  In this article, Jack Rawlings and Josh Weale, explain the concept behind it and what they will be exploring. 

Your customer is the car in a Formula One race. And your job is to make them win. Christian Weiss, Director of ABM, EMEA at Autodesk explains how he puts the customer at the center of their ABM strategy

To finish off with we've got two fantastic episodes of Let's talk ABM with Laura Matthews of UiPath and Heather Adams of Socure.

DashDot Website Tiles - April 2023

Spring is here and the seeds of ABM are sprouting! 

We kick off this month’s DashDot with a look at Customer Marketing. So much effort is placed on winning new logos but customers are often (and wrongly) neglected. Jared Brickman returns with some great insight.

Continuing the theme of Customer Marketing, we talk to Keith Pranghofer of Microsoft on how ABM can help you become customer obsessed.

Who doesn’t like some good numbers? We’ve pulled together 23 statistics to support the business case for ABM.

Finally, we speak to Alex Embling, the CEO of strategicabm about the future of Account-based Marketing.

DashDot Website Tiles - February 2023

We're celebrating! 12 months of DashDot! And what an anniversary edition we have in store for you all!

We kick off with an interview with strategicabm's CEO, Alex Embling. Alex has been involved in B2B Marketing for more than 25 years. Here, he shares seven lessons from his very own ABM journey with insights on what good ABM looks like. 

Next, we speak to Lisa Sharapata. Lisa was a previous guest on Let's talk ABM when she was CMO at BoostUp. We talk about how ABM can drive powerful buyer experiences

And to celebrate one year of DashDot, we take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the major ABM topics we discussed in each of the previous 12 editions. 

DashDot - January 2023

A new year and a new edition of DashDot!

We kick off 2023 with a fantastic ABM case study. How BlueBotics, a global leader in autonomous navigation technology, built a $4.5m sales pipeline with an Account-based strategy.

Community is a major theme for 2023. We talk to Corrina Owens, Senior ABM Manager at Gong. Corrina shares eight ways you can build a community with ABM

What do you need to be successful with your Account-based Marketing strategy in 2023? We asked 12 ABM thought leaders for their top ABM tip.

DashDot Website Tiles - December 2022

It's here! The December edition of DashDot! 

We kick off with a very personal ABM story: How BlueBotics, a leader in autonomous navigation solutions, built an ABM program from scratch that delivered $4.5M+ pipeline and $1m+ in revenue

December also saw us celebrate 50 episodes of Let's talk ABM podcast. We take a look back at 50 ABM voices. 

Christmas is a time for giving. And we've got something very special to give you this month. We asked 12 ABM friends for an ABM Christmas gift.

DashDot Website Tiles - November 2022

The penultimate edition of DashDot in 2022 is here! 

And what's inside?

We kick off with TikTok. It's taken the social media world by storm but what can we learn from it and apply to our B2B Marketing efforts? Mollie Nevins takes a deep dive and shares eight tips. 

Let's talk ABM guest, Daniel Dong has recently moved to a new role at Twingate. Here he shares his insights on how to move from SBM marketing to Enterprise marketing.

DashDot Website Tiles - October 2022

October DashDot is here and what an edition! 

We kick off this edition of DashDot and ask a question: are you COPE-ing? COPE - Create Once, Push Everywhere - could be the solution to your content marketing challenges.   

Let's talk ABM guest Akriti Gupta recently left Google Cloud to join LinkedIn. Here she shares six learnings from her time heading up the Global ABM program at Google. 

DashDot Website Tiles - September 2022

September is here and it's time to go back to ABM school

We kick off the September edition of DashDot with a new installment in our series looking at the Hardest Parts of ABM. This month we take a look at Customer Intimacy.

ABM's origins are in Enterprise marketing. We talk to Richa Pande, Head of Global Marketing at HP, who shares her insight on how to build a successful Enterprise ABM strategy.

DashDot Website Tiles - August 2022

We kick off the August edition of DashDot with a new instalment in our series looking at the Hardest Parts of ABM. This month we take a look at Execution.

How do you go to market? Direct to customers? Through partners? Or both? We talk to Florence Broderick, CMO at CARTO, on how they are using ABM to build relationships and grow revenue with their partners. 

DashDot Website Tiles - July 2022

We explore Empathy Mapping and how it is the secret tool to help you BE your customer. Without empathy there can be no customer connection. 

Also, Jade Bonacolta, Head of Account-Based Marketing for Media & Entertainment at Google shares her thoughts on the Metaverse and how ABM is primed for success. 


The Hardest Part of ABM series continues with a look at how you need a change of mindset to succeed at Account-based Marketing.  

What are the Top 10 ABM challenges? We've got that answer and we run through Numbers 10 to 6 (next month will be taking a look at No. 5 down to the No. 1 challenge). 

dashdot may 2022

The Hardest Part of ABM series continues with a look at how to get buy-in from Leadership - crucial for any ABM strategy to succeed. PLUS Two CMOs talking ABM? Check out the conversation our very own CMO, Declan Mulkeen had with Alice de Courcy, CMO at Cognism. 

DashDot listing page - APr 2022

Is there any intent in your content strategy? We look at how intent data can help to fuel your ABM content strategy. PLUS April also sees us kick off a new series we're calling ABM Voices. We hear from Neil Berry about how he sees ABM and Deal-based Marketing working together.


What's the hardest part of ABM? we asked 11 ABM experts, working with Sales came up time and again. This month we share how to work with Sales more effectively. PLUS we take a look inside the hottest B2B topic right now: the Dark Funnel.

DashDot - February 2022

Welcome to the first edition of DashDot: your monthly dose of Account-based Everything. We're kicking off by taking a look at the year ahead with 2022 ABM predictions from industry leaders. PLUS discover why Peer-to-peer marketing is essential to ABM.